You’ve Seen Great … But Beyond Great? That’s the 2019 Fair


Cross everything off your warm-weather-fun bucket list this summer at The Great New York State Fair! Because when stacked up against other popular Upstate New York fairs, amusement parks and concert venues, the Fair stands tall as the “beyond great” entertainment attraction that has a bit of everything for everybody.

Whether it’s a hair-raising rollercoaster ride, a fun-filled stroll through the fairgrounds or a foot-stomping concert, the Fair offers it all with arms wide open!

Rip-Roaring Rides

With 70 rides along the Midway, the Fair has plenty of expertise sending visitors up and down, side to side, and around and around. Excitement climbs when fairgoers ascend in two of the three largest traveling roller coasters in America, and let’s not forget the two iconic Ferris wheels: the 90-foot Giant Wheel and the 70-foot Patriot Wheel. These sky-high attractions provide the perfect view of the fairgrounds and its countless activities waiting around every corner.

Not a thrill-seeker? Families will find exclusive areas dedicated to kid-friendly rides that are perfect for family fun. Plus, ride options on the more relaxing side are available for even the most easygoing and laidback visitors.

Endless Entertainment

Even though the Fair is known to generate excited screams with its many high-flying rides, it’s much more than just thrills and chills; it’s a complete entertainment experience.

What do you get when you combine 200 food vendors, a rodeo full of food trucks, 10,000 animals, a focus on cultural events, plenty of performing artists and a variety of visual spectacles? 325 acres of fun, smiles and laughter.

Crazy Concerts

Many music venues get major artists and tons of listeners, but it may blow your mind that last year’s Fair attracted 339,585 fans to its Chevy Court stage alone—making it the most popular concert venue in all of New York State! And that doesn’t include attendance numbers from four other stages around the fairgrounds that feature many more musicians and shows.

With this year’s headliners, like Gavin DeGraw, The Roots, Dropkick Murphys, Midland, Bad Company and more … who knows? It’s fair to say we may even beat our record in 2019.

Amazing Audiences

The Fair is truly an arms-wide-open event carefully crafted to be a welcoming and entertaining environment for anyone. The pride and joy of the Fair isn’t just fun attractions—it’s spending time with loved ones, meeting new friends, learning things you never knew and experiencing the out-of-the-ordinary.

Speaking of people, the Fair gets the blue ribbon for the largest state fair in the entire East region thanks to welcoming more than 1.26 million visitors in 2018! On the subject of greatness, the Fair also happens to be rich in history as the oldest and one of the largest fairs in the whole country.

Beyond Great is What the Fair Does Best

We all know what great is like. But after experiencing the tastes, textures, sights and sounds of this year’s Fair, you’ll feel it: The 2019 NYS Fair is truly beyond great. Stop by this summer to join the fun-for-anyone, entertainment-extravaganza party of the summer featuring no shortage of things to do!