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Sunday, July 1, 2018 5:30pm

Color, Light and Chinese Culture... The New York State Fairgrounds will be transformed again into a magnificent setting for the 2018 New York State Chinese Lantern Festival. The Festival will include 30 ALL NEW displays. Each display includes hundreds of parts, and thousands of LED lights. From a three-foot baby panda in Panda World to a three-story Chinese palace pagoda, 1,000 sculptural components will be created on-site by more than 30 artists from Sichuan, China. Welded metal frames covered in fabric will emerge as flowers, peacocks, cranes, butterflies, and archways... and the sculptures are lit-from-within by LED lanterns. The Chinese tradition of lantern making – and lighting – began centuries ago and is an art that has passed through generations of Chinese families. View the craftsmanship, cultural significance and artistic beauty of these displays. Experience beautiful cultural performances and artisan crafts. Enjoy delicious Chinese (and New York State) food and drinks as well. Plan your visit so that we can stroll the path at sunset to see the transformation of light!

No rain checks will be issued in the event of a weather-caused cancellation.

Venue: State Park at The Fair & International Building

Show Hours: 5:30–10:00pm (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday), 5:30–11:00pm (Friday, Saturday), Closed Mondays

Please note ticket sales and admission to the event end ONE HOUR PRIOR to closing to give visitors enough time to see and experience the festival

Admission: Advance sale tickets are $15.50 for adults, $14 for seniors – age 60 and over (must show ID), $12.50 for children ages 5 to 16 and free for children under 5. Tickets at the gate are 50 cents extra.

Event Website:

Contact Email:

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