New Valet Parking Option Included In The Great New York State Fair’s Annual “Halfway To The Fair” Sale


Gold Access Ride-All-Day Wristbands Also Part of Feb. 21 Sale


The Great New York State Fair will roll out a new valet parking option for the 2019 Fair, offering an affordable convenience to fairgoers. To launch the new program, the Fair will offer up to 1,000 $20 valet parking vouchers for $12.50 plus fees during the annual “Halfway to the Fair” sale that begins at 6 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 21. Also available that day will be up to 1,000 weekday ride-all-day vouchers for the Wade Shows Midway with Gold Access for $17.50 plus fees. Midway vouchers can be upgraded to weekend access for $5 during the Fair. Valet parking vouchers can be bought here and Midway vouchers can be bought here, at the Fair’s official online sales site, Vouchers will be sent via email. The sale ends at midnight, Feb. 21.

“We’re continuing to diversify our parking options to give people a little more control and convenience where possible. This sale is a great way for people who may be interested in valet parking to see how it works for them. As with everything else we do, we’ll be very interested in feedback on this new program,” said Troy Waffner, Fair Director.

“Like the fair’s new valet parking option, our Gold Access ticket has been a popular premium program for those wanting more convenience during their visit to the midway.  I’m proud to offer Gold Access along with the ride wristbands as our part of the ‘Halfway to the Fair Sale,’” said Frank Zaitshik, owner, Wade Shows.


Valet Parking

Valet parking will be available every day of the Fair for $20. The dropoff and pickup area will be located on the access ramp to the Brown parking lot along State Fair Boulevard across from Gate 3. Drivers will leave their car keys with an attendant from Valet Park America, the Fair’s parking contractor. Drivers return to the dropoff area to get their vehicles back and will be able to use a phone application to be able to signal the attendants to have the vehicle ready at a specific time. A valet parking voucher is good for one use only and cannot be refunded if not used.

Vouchers bought during the Feb. 21 sale are good for a single use, and only on a weekday. With fees, the valet parking voucher will cost $12.90 during the Feb. 21 sale, with a limit of four vouchers per person.


Ride voucher with Gold Pass

With fees, each voucher will cost $18.01. During the Fair, weekday ride bracelets will cost $30 and a Gold Access card will cost $10 on weekdays and $15 on weekends. Buyers may purchase a maximum of four packages and will receive vouchers by email. A voucher is good for one weekday ride-all-day bracelet and one Gold Access pass when redeemed at the Wade Shows customer service booth on the Midway. Fairgoers using the voucher on weekends can upgrade to a weekend bracelet for $5. There will be a separate line for Gold Access pass holders at each ride, and a certain number of pass holders will be seated first. Gold Access cards are only good for one day.

Wristbands are not recommended for children under 36" as there are a limited number of rides they can safely ride.  Parents with children under 48" should check the height requirements before purchasing to make an informed decision about whether wristbands are the best value for their children. The Wade Shows Midway features more than 70 rides, including some of the world’s largest traveling roller coasters, along with carnival games and food booths. The lineup for rides for the 2019 Fair has not been finalized but general information on rides, including height requirements, can be seen here. Wade Shows is the nation’s third largest carnival company, according to industry publication Carnival Warehouse.


Founded in 1841, the Great New York State Fair is America’s third largest state fair. The fair showcases the best of New York agriculture and provides top-quality entertainment. The 2019 Fair runs from August 21 to September 2. Information about the Fair can be found here.

The New York State Fairgrounds is a 375-acre exhibit and entertainment complex that operates all year. A year-round schedule of events is available here. Find the Great New York State Fair on Facebook, follow @NYSFair on Twitter, on Snapchat at nysfair and enjoy photos from the Fair on Flickr. Also, New Yorkers are invited to send their ideas for the Great New York State Fair at