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Important Resources for 2023 New York State Fair Vendors

Please continue to check this page for the latest resource information for the 2023 New York State Fair.

New York State Fair Forklift Reservations:

Reservations offered for Aug. 16-18 and Aug. 21-31 only

Book your New York State Fair Forklift Reservations online here

  • Reservations are in half hour increments
  • Rate is $37.50 for a half hour
  • Forklift operators will wait 5 minutes from scheduled time only
  • Proof of reservation must be presented to the forklift operator
  • Forklift operator to meet person at booth location
  • If the half hour is not enough they will need to reserve another available 1/2 hour online
  • No refunds and no reschedule of times. If a different time is needed they will need to pay for and reserve another time online.


New York State Fair Golf Cart Application:


New York State Fair Vendor Menu & Merchandise List Form:


Fairtime Maps:



Fairtime Tent Requirements & Rental Services:

For the 2023 New York State Fair all outdoor rental tents on the Fairgrounds MUST be installed by one of our selected contractors - no personal tents or pop-ups are to be used. The ONLY approved contractors that can provide rental tents are TGIF Event Services and West Tents, Inc. Any vendor planning on renting a tent will need to complete the Preferred Tent Order Form below by Friday, July 7, 2023 for processing. The Fair will notify the selected contractor chosen on the form who will then reach out to you to coordinate size, payment and any other details - it will be the responsibility of the vendor and selected contractor to finalize this information. Any changes must be coordinated through the Fair first for approval.


Approved 2023 Tent Vendors:

TGIF Event Services - Michael Biondi
Phone: 631.445.6373
Email: michael@tgifrentals.com

West Tents Inc. - Holly Capozzi
Phone: 518.622.3353



Vendor Electricity Order Form:

If you have more than one vending booth/concession stand, you must complete separate order forms for each booth/stand where you want electrical service.

Your electrical needs will be determined from the information provided on your application. If, upon arrival, your electrical needs have changed or increased, an additional electrical fee may be charged.


Fairtime Equipment & Decorating Services:

Please note that order forms must be submitted to the State Fair for processing.

Able Smith Tent & Party Rental
5683 Route 31, Cicero, New York 13039
Phone: 315.699.3811
Website: ablesmithtent.com
(Contract expires 9.30.24)

2023 NYSF Exhibitor Equipment Pricing & Order Form - Due Tuesday, August 1, 2023


Fairtime Approved Wholesalers & Vendor Resources:

List of wholesale businesses and suppliers of services to our concessionaires - this page will be updated on a consistent basis

2023 NYSF Wholesalers List for Vendors

Please visit our Wholesale & Service Suppliers page to find out more information on how to become a Wholesaler & Service Supplier during the New York State Fair.


State Fair Souvenir Cup Program:

All 32 ounce drinks must be sold in a New York State Fair souvenir cup. Plastic souvenir cups of smaller sizes are not allowed. The maximum size for beverages is 20 ounces, except for 32 ounce beverages in a New York State Fair souvenir cup. Vendors are not required to use the New York State Fair souvenir cup unless they are selling 32 ounce beverages. The 2023 cup design includes additions of the newly renamed Suburban Park (formerly Chevy Park Stage) and Asian Village to the logo.

To order, fill out the form and return it to the Souvenir Cup vendor.  Orders must be paid for at the time of pick-up and pick-up will begin August 21.


Fairtime Bottled Water Services Program:

For 2023, there is no sole source provider for water this year. Vendors can select any size bottled water they want to sell for a maximum price of $2, and they may purchase from any supplier/store they choose. Please note, no water can be sold for more than $2. Vendors may choose to sell water for below $2, but they cannot price any water bottle at more than $2. These bottled water guidelines are in place for the 2023 Fair, and are subject to change in subsequent years.


Fairgrounds Ice Services:

Required if you need ice delivered at the Fair.

Please contact via phone or email to place your ice services order.

* Vendors ordering chest freezers will need to provide their own combination lock, not a key lock.

WE Salle Company - I.C.E. Company of Elmira/Brown Carbonic
6751 Kinne Street, Syracuse, New York 13057
Phone: 315.454.3591
(Contract expires 12.31.24)


NEW!  Bag Waste Reduction Law:

For more information about the use of vendors using plastic bags at the New York State Fair, please visit this website: Bag Waste Reduction Law - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation.


NEW!  Food Scrap Recycling Pilot Program at the Eatery:

Food vendors in our Eatery are invited to be the first to participate in our new, innovative Food Scraps Recycling Program to inspire a community wide shift towards responsible consumption and waste management.


NEW!  Cannabinoid Hemp Product License:

Vendors planning to sell cannabinoid hemp products (both online or in person) at the New York State Fair, must be an approved vendor accepted by the New York State Fair Concessions Department.  You are required to obtain a Cannabinoid Hemp Retail License or Temporary Retail Permit from the New York State Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) before selling cannabinoid hemp products to consumers at the New York State Fairgrounds. A copy of the license or permit must be provided to the Department before any agreement is approved by the Department for the sale of cannabinoid hemp products onsite. Contractors found to be selling cannabinoid hemp products that are not licensed/permitted, will be asked to immediately remove those products from their licensed space. Failure to remove cannabinoid hemp products that are not licensed/permitted by OCM or failure to obtain the required license/permit from OCM will result in termination of this Agreement. For more information visit: https://cannabis.ny.gov/system/files/documents/2023/04/cannabinoid-hemp-program-retail-license-notification.pdf.


Fairgrounds Internet and Wi-Fi Information:

These are service providers that vendors, exhibitors and patrons can contact to provide wired/wireless internet and/or Wi-Fi services.

AT&T Mobility Services
Call 315.898.5655 or click here

New Visions Communications
Call 315.472.6300 or click here

Spectrum Business Internet
Call 315.481.0297 or 315.466.6410 or click here

Verizon Enterprise Solutions
Call 877.297.7816 or click here

Please contact a minimum of 7 business days prior to the event to allow for processing of your request.