Fair Wholesaler Information

Welcome to the Great New York State Fair 64

Important Information for Wholesale & Service Suppliers

Please continue to check this page for the latest information for Wholesale & Service Suppliers for the 2024 New York State Fair

  • Current 2024 NYSF Wholesalers List for Vendors coming soon


The Great New York State Fair welcomes wholesale businesses and suppliers of services to our concessionaires.

If you supply food, beverages, merchandise or supplies to Fair vendors or if you repair or replace equipment used by vendors, you must have a license with us to operate during the Fair.

Here are some things you need to know:

  • Wholesalers and service suppliers pay a license fee of $510.
  • Each vehicle entering the Fairgrounds must have a permit.
  • Each person working on the grounds, including vehicle drivers, must have an admission ticket to enter.
  • Space for storage may be available and if so, will be available at the Fair’s regular rental rates for space.
  • Routine deliveries must be complete and all service vehicles must be off the grounds by 9:00am each day of the Fair. For emergencies or special cases after 9:00am, you must get permission from the Fair’s Concessions Office.
  • All wholesalers must turn in to the Fair a report listing all merchandise, products, and services sold to concessionaires by name, quantity, type and price within 10 days of the end of the Fair .
  • Beer, wine and distilled spirits wholesalers must provide a daily report during the Fair and a final report after the Fair of all items sold or returned along with the prices, quantities and descriptions of items sold.


There are other conditions beyond this brief list, so please read the license agreement carefully.  Please note that all wholesalers and service suppliers remain independent contractors and do not work for the Fair.