Agriculture Schedules, Events & Exhibits

Agriculture Schedules, Events & Exhibits 4

View our 2018 Fair Livestock Schedule or you can choose from the list below to view a detailed schedule of each show:



beef-dayBeef Day

Tuesday, August 28 is Beef Day and "Beef, it's What's for Dinner"! Follow your nose to the Chevy Court pavilion to watch as local media personalities try their hand at becoming the "Branding Iron Chef" in the "Branding Iron Cook-off" media grilling contest beginning at 10:30am. At 12:30pm New York State FFA Chapters will take over as they compete in the 12th Annual “Create the Perfect Burger” contest sponsored by the New York Beef Council and Tops Markets.  Ten NYS FFA Chapters will grill head to head as a panel of judges will determine who will take home the title for not only the “Perfect Burger” but $875 worth of prizes for their school chapter!  After the competitions, plan a trip to the Beef Barn where a host of fun, interactive activities will entertain and educate you and New this year, you can participate in  “Pound out” Hunger” right outside the beef barn. Take a swing at demolishing a car. One swing to pound out hunger for $2 or three swings to pound out hunger for $5. The Beef Producers Association and NY Beef Council are partnering with the Food Bank of CNY to collect donations for beef purchases for those New Yorkers most in need.


Dairy Day

This is the State Fair’s way of saying thank you to all the New York dairy farmers, dairy product processors and manufacturers who provide us with the state’s official beverage, milk and official snack yogurt!  Come enjoy the day’s fun activities from the local celebrity milkshake contest at the Chevy Court Pavilion starting at 10:30am to picking up a dairy trivia card at any guest relations booth and dropping the completed card at the Dairy Cow Birthing Center for your chance to win a Taste NY gift basket!  Check out the dairy cattle strut their stuff in the Tractor Supply Dairy Cattle Building followed by the Dairy Day parade at 6:00pm.  Be sure to stop by the Dairy Product Building, open from 10:00am to 10:00pm, and meet with State Dairy Princesses, enjoy a cup of cold white or chocolate milk, get a picture of the famous butter sculpture, check out the new fixings at the Milky Bun yogurt bar and the Cheese Booth.


cow-birthingDairy Cow Birthing Center

Returning this year is an opportunity for fairgoers to witness first-hand the miracle of life daily by watching a dairy cow give birth to a calf. The New York Animal Agriculture Coalition provides this opportunity for the public to learn more about the dairy industry, the care farmers provide their animals, as well as the birthing process. The exhibit's location is at the end of the midway. View a 24-7 live stream of the Dairy Cow Live Birthing Center, and sign up for their free alerts by texting MOO to 24587. Located between the midway and the Times Square area near the Youth Building.

  • Open daily from 10:00am to 9:00pm




NYS Veterinary Medical Society’s
Hall of Veterinary Health

The Hall of Veterinary Health is held every day from 10 am-5 pm. This is the largest public event that NYS Veterinary Medical Society holds every year to educate the public on veterinary medicine.

This year’s new exhibit is on complementary veterinary medicine with information on acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal medicine and laser. The display includes informational panels and various examples of the tools used for these modalities.

This exhibit joins the others: Lyme Disease/Rabies, Dentistry, Comparative Anatomy white boards, Dress Like a Surgeon, Teddy Bear ER, Journey Through Imaging and Preparing your Pet for a Vet Visit with new mock vet exam stations.

Once again vet students will do the Build Your Own Stethoscope hands-on activity on the weekends.

The Hall will also feature daily live presentations with animals ranging from reptiles to birds to mini ponies, as well as a daily first aid demonstration. This year we have several new presentations including honey bees and equine dentistry. For the daily live presentation schedule, click here.


1910-gateNew York State Fair History Exhibit

Maybe you’re attending the Fair for the first time. Maybe you’ve come here for decades. Chances are, there’s a lot about the Great New York State Fair that you don’t know. Be sure to stop in at the Grange building and wander through this exhibit with displays that tell the story of where the Fair began, where it traveled, who came to the Fair, who entertained at the Fair and much more from 1841 to the present... share your memories with us!